Indoor Wireless Wall Switch | RFK1600

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Product Dimensions: 2.4" W x 2.8" H x 1.6" D

This new series of redesigned wireless RF light controls feature compact receivers that have a manual on/off button with a pleasing green backlit LED status indicator and grounded receptacles to allow control of more devices.

The RFK1600LC transmitter design is a stylish rocker switch that can be mounted anywhere without wiring or the need for an electrician!

  • Works up to 100' away, through walls and around corners
  • Automatic pairing allows grouping of multiple devices - no more specific channels to worry about
  • Simply plug desired appliance or lamp into the receiver and then plug the receiver into any powered outlet
  • Receiver features a manual on/off with a green backlit LED indicator to show device status
  • The wall switch transmitter sends a signal to turn lights or appliances on or off
  • Wall switch transmitter uses one 12V battery (included) that lasts about a year with normal use
  • 1 Grounded Outlet
  • 15 A, 1875 W Resistive


Product Instructions