Outdoor Dual Function Motion Light Control | OMLC167BC


Product Dimensions: 4.85" H x 2.3" W x 4" D

Updated design with compact body to fit more PAR fixtures.

New 4 Second selection for optimizing detection zone.

Turns light on at dusk, and off at user programmed time (2/5/8 hours). When off, it automatically turns lights on when motion is detected, and turns off 10 minutes after last motion is detected. 180 degree detection zone senses activity at distances up to 20 feet away. Fully adjustable sensor - up, down, right and left. For outdoor security - driveways, yards and patios. Works with CFL, LED, halogen and incandescent floodlights. White finish.

  • Turns light on at dusk, and off at user programmed time (2/5/8 hours). After light turns off, the unit goes into motion activated mode for the duration of the night, turning the light on if someone approaches the house.
  • Senses activity at distances up to 20 ft away
  • Perfect for outdoor security (driveways, yards, patios)
  • Works with compact fluorescent, LED, halogen & incandescent floodlights
  • 150 W Max. Bulb
  • Can also be used solely in motion activated mode, where light turns on when motion is detected and off 10 minutes after motion stops.


Product Instructions

*Due to continuing product development, the product you receive may look slightly different than the one displayed.