About LumiCover:

Safety Guide Light Projects light downward to safely see your path.

Low-Profile Design Allows access to both of your outlets

Energy Efficient

Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn Control saves money and energy by operating only in the dark

Universal Fit on all standard outlets

Great for hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and any area you visit at night! The unique, low-profile design keeps both outlets available for other items you need to power.

How it Works: Our patented design uses tiny copper fins mounted on the back of the wallplate to slide onto, and connect to your outlet to power its LEDs - no wiring required!


Easy to install:

  1. Turn-off power and remove existing wallplate.
  2. Slide LumiCover onto your outlet - the copper fins will slide around each side of your outlet to make its power connection.
  3. Press the LumiCover into place and attach the included wallplate screws to finish mounting.
  4. Turn power back on and you’re all done!