Indoor Mechanical Daily Timer 1-Outlet Polarized I TM1601

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Item Dimensions: 2.7" W x 2.7" H x 2.3" D

Built for reliability and designed for style, AmerTac’s durable timers provide basic timing solutions. Daily mechanical timers offer simple on/off programming that is familiar to everyone.

Our new design features the instructions printed directly on the dial. Easy to use and reliable, this daily timer can be programmed to turn lights/appliances On/Off at set times throughout the day. It also features a manual override switch for added convenience. 

  • Turns lights/appliances On/Off at programmed times
  • 24 On/24 Off per day
  • Non removable pins can't get lost
  • Accepts one 2-prong plug
  • Front mounted switch allows access even when above outlet is in use
  • Max Load Resistive: 15A, 1875 Watts

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