LumiCover Decor Motion Activated Nightlight Wallplate | LCR-MDDO-W

Item Dimensions: Height = 5.75" by Width = 3.13" by Length = 1.63"
  • MOTION ACTIVATED - Activates a 20 lumen warm (3000K) white light on the bottom of the wallplate. 10' detection range and a detection angle of 120°.
  • NIGHTLIGHT WALLPLATE - convert any outlet into a nightlight; perfect nighttime lighting solution for hallways, entryways, basements, bathrooms and more
  • DUSK-TO-DAWN ACTIVATION - automatically turns on a 3 lumen warm (3000K) white light in low light conditions, adding safety and security to any space
  • MODERN STYLE - contemporary white finish and sleek design makes this a perfect accent that works with any décor
  • NO ADJUSTMENT - the automatic sensor means you will never need to make adjustments compared to timers
  • EASY INSTALLATION - fits onto your duplex plug like a normal wallplate