Senti LED Motion Night Light | NL-SNTI

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Product Dimensions: 2.15" H x 2.5" W x 0.85" D (w/o plug)

The Senti Night Light automatically increases its light intensity when it detects motion, helping you find your way at night. It has a front-facing frosted lens to diffuse the light evenly into the room. In night light mode, its energy-efficient LED bulbs cast a relaxing, warm and soft glow. In motion detect mode, the higher-intensity brightness shines for 60 seconds, giving you adequate time to safely see your path. The automatic dusk to dawn control saves money and energy by operating the light only in the dark.

  • Automatic motions sensing
  • Auto adjust light intensity
  • Bright light mode with motion
  • Low light mode after 60 seconds
  • Auto dusk to dawn
  • 2 lumen night light, 10 lumen motion detect
  • Warm (3000K) white light
  • 120V 60Hz, 1W