360° Digitally Optimized Active Antenna | VN1ANTADIG


Replacement: VN1ANIUTA50 - Ultra-Thin HDTV Antenna

The Zenith 360° Digitally Optimized Active Antenna provides omni-directional optimized reception of digitally broadcasted UHF, VHF, and HDTV signals. It receives HD television signals up to 720p in horizontal or vertical polarizations for the best reception. The signal clear technology and built-in wide band amplifier perform to bring excellent picture and sound quality to your television. This antennas design provides an unobtrusive design in standing like a picture frame or mounting on a wall.

  • Receives UHF, VHF, and HDTV signals
  • Built-in wide band amplifier
  • Signal Clear Technology
  • 720p HD programming
  • 360° omni-directional reception