Dual Power Inverter w/ USB | VP1001P200

The Zenith Dual Power Inverter with USB provides 2 AC power outlets and 1 USB port from any car lighter outlet. This inverter has a peak power of 400W along with overload protection to protect the unit and device from drawing more than the maximum current specified by the power inverter. Battery polarity protection will ensure that your device will not be damaged if your car is not negatively grounded. The low battery shut off feature will act to ensure that your cars battery does not drain below 10 volts. Finally, thermal protection protects the inverter from overheating and auto shut off will occur if the device exceeds a certain threshold. (70+/-5C°)
  • Peak Power: 400 W
  • Continuous Power: 200 W
  • Low Battery Shut Off
  • Overload Protection
  • Battery Polarity Protection
  • Thermal Protection