Who We Are

American Tack & Hardware is the foremost supplier of decorative hardware and lighting, featuring an extensive portfolio of products covering all on-trend interior design styles, with quality solutions catered to homeowners, interior designers, and professional contractors.


Founded in New York’s iconic Flatiron building in 1937, American Tack & Hardware quickly became the nation’s leading manufacturer of decorative furniture nails and tacks, supplying most of the nation’s booming furniture industry.

American Tack’s growth throughout the last 86 years entailed a series of strategic expansions and acquisitions, leading to offices in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas; a global manufacturing footprint; and a house-of-brands strategy. Each of American Tack’s brands has a unique flavor and feel, with the two primary brands being Amerelle and Westek.

Map of the United States of America with Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas highlighted



A designer brand, Amerelle decorative hardware runs the gamut from timeless classic to ultra-contemporary, ensuring the perfect solution for every space. Amerelle products use only the highest quality materials, including wood, metal, and ceramics, and feature a wide variety of finish options to coordinate with any décor. For professionals, the Amerelle Custom program pairs our designers with yours to create customized hardware solution for your unique home, office, or brand portfolio.


Functional and fun, Westek is a consumer brand delivering today’s top-trending lighting products to homeowners, renters, students, and commercial markets. From contractor grade under-cabinet lighting to whimsical silicone lights suitable for infants, Westek provides one-stop-shopping for all your lighting needs.

Core Competencies

All American Tack & Hardware products are defined by market need and shaped by countless hours of consumer research. Our in-house experts include industrial designers, product managers, engineers, and global sourcing and supply chain experts, all working together to ensure we’re both on-trend and on-time, while simultaneously delivering the highest possible value to our customers. For our distribution partners, our top-notch sales and product support team ensures we’ll create the perfect marketing partnerships and promotions to help you achieve your objectives while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Graphic showing process and competencies