AmerTac Announces Name Change to American Tack & Hardware

Rebranding AmerTac

Since our founding in 1937, American Tack Company has been providing unwavering service to our customers. Over our long history, many changes have taken place including the adoption of our trade name AmerTac in2004. Effective today, the AmerTac name will be dropped in favor of returning to our legal entity of American Tack & Hardware for all business and marketing purposes.

There is no better time than our 85th Anniversary to reaffirm our company’s American heritage

A note from our CEO

Many of our customers already know us by American Tack and Hardware; for those that know us as AmerTac, we promise a seamless transition.

We will continue to grow and develop our strong line of brands, including Amerelle wallplates, Westek lighting, and Zenith consumer electronics. In the coming weeks and months, you can look forward to subtle updates to our website, product packaging and more to highlight the American Tack and Hardware identity

Reimagined logo and brand guidelines

The new American Tack & Hardware logo was designed to be modern and responsive, while maintaining a vintage look to help convey the company's time and experience in the industry. In addition an reimagined logo, a new color palette and brand aesthetics were chosen inspired by vintage Americana.

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